Wiring and Installation Requirements AeroVironment EVSE RS30 and Clipper Creek HCS-40

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Plug-in Installation:
Many stations plug into your home or office via a NEMA 14-50 electrical plug (dryer or RV outlet).

When hiring an electrician, request that they install a NEMA 14-50 outlet for the rating of your JuiceBox or other JuiceNet Device (typically a 40A or 50A circuit). Make sure the outlet is installed within a few feet of where you plan to mount your charging station.

Hardwire Installation:

If your station requires hardwired installation, ask your electrician to connect the station in a protected, NEMA-compliant enclosure.

How do I determine if my station must be hardwired?:

The details below should help you determine the necessary wiring for your station. Please consult with your local electrician regarding the specific code requirements and parts needed for your site, but below we’ve also included an overview of the likely materials you’ll need.

32/40 Amp Charging Station:

Charging Station Output (continuous load rating): 32A Example stations: Clipper Creek HCS 40, AeroVironment EVSE RS 30

Required Circuit Breaker (must be rated to 125% of the continuous load rating): 40A

 Plug-In Installation:

- 2 pole, 40A breaker1

- NEMA 14-50 receptacle (NEMA 14-50R)

- #8AWG copper wire with 3 conductors and a ground. If single conductor THHN wire is used, the ground may be #12AWG per NEC 250.122 calculations

*For an outdoor installation, please note the following:

-Add a NEMA 14-50R outdoor enclosure

- Install unit in a shady location out of direct sunlight to prevent unit from exceeding the 90°C mark

1. Using a GFI circuit breaker is not recommended .

2. The neutral wire is not used, but may need to be present in the receptacle.

Hardwire Installation:
 - 2 pole, 40A breaker1

- #8AWG copper wire with 2 conductors and a ground. If single conductor THHN wire is used, the ground may be #12AWG per NEC 250.122 calculations 2,3


*For an outdoor installation, please add the following:

- NEMA rated outdoor junction box with gasketed cover

1 Recommend against GFI circuit breaker

2 Please, only use the pre-drilled opening on the bottom of the box for hardwire applications. We cannot honor the warranty if any other holes are added to the unit.

3 A fusible disconnect may be required within 6' of your JuiceNet device installation, please consult your local code.

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