What makes JuiceBox unique?

Dave Wood -

JuiceBox Pro offers the highest power for fast charging of any EV.  The JuiceBox has UL safety certification, front LED displays, is portable, and has a set of advanced JuiceNet features with a rewards program that pays you to charge your car! With available JuiceBox plug-in adapters, JuiceBox units offer unique versatility and can be plugged into a dryer, RV-type, or regular wall outlet.


The JuiceNet-enabled Pro is the world's first EV charging station that can be controlled from your smartphone! Our mobile and web platforms allow users to set charging schedules so that your EV avoids consuming electricity at peak times. Furthermore, users can monitor charging in real time and directly control the electrical output of their JuiceBox. Most utilities providers offer time of use (TOU) rate schedules to their customers who are EV drivers. Through our advanced mobile platform users are able to track energy usage, allowing you to view your charging history and extract accurate energy data.




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