Will using a station with higher electrical output than my vehicle’s capacity damage my vehicle?

Dave Wood -

No, using a higher amperage station will not harm your vehicle. Your EV is in complete control of the charge and will only take in what power it can accept and no more. The actual charging takes place on the vehicle. Our charging stations supply AC power to the vehicle and the vehicle's onboard charger will convert the AC power to DC power and charge the vehicle’s batteries.

For example, the Nissan Leaf can take in 3.3kW for charging and the JuiceBox Pro 40 can deliver up to 10 kW. When a JuiceBox unit is plugged into a Leaf, the station will “tell” the vehicle how much power is available through the stations pilot communication signal. From that point the vehicle will take over, activate the station and take the level of charge that it can handle, up to the limit established by the station.

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