JuiceBox Charging




  • robert stout

    "Can I adjust the output power (amperage) of my JuiceBox. How can I do this?:"

    My Juicebox 40a is not network connected.  Can I limit it to 30A without network connectivity?

  • Steven Morioka

    I just installed my juice box, it charges at 7 for an hour then drops down to less than 2 for the rest of the scheduled charging. Is that more likely an issue with the car or the Juice Box. It’s plugged into a new 50 amp breaker. Thanks

  • dannerb06

    I just plugged my 2015 Chevy volt into a 40 amp juicebox pro and it doesn’t seem to want to charge at 220/I don’t see in the app how to set my preference.

  • Richard Cayia Rowe

    My JUICEBOX PRO is no longer fully charging my 2014 Chevy VOLT.  It used to charge it to 38 miles in less than 4 hours. Now it only charges to 11 miles. Using the 110 volt charger that came with the car it fully charges to 38 miles.

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