JuiceBox Installation FAQ

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Installation FAQ:

Can my local electrician install my JuiceBox?:

Yes. To avoid complications, simply request a NEMA 14-50R outlet installation with #6AWG copper wire, and a 240V, 50A circuit. Make sure you request that the outlet is installed within one foot of where you want your JuiceBox located.


What amperage rating should my electrical breaker be?

By American standard electrical code, your circuit breaker should be rated for 125% of your maximum continuous load. So, that would mean at least  50A breaker for a JuiceBox 40 installation. Please note that all JuiceBox units can be set to any current draw limit; thus accommodating any pre-existing supply circuitry.


What amperage rating should my wiring be?

Your wiring should be rated to your maximum continuous amperage. So, #8AWG (American Wire Gauge) for a 40A circuit, #6AWG for 50A circuit, etc. Unusually warm charging conditions (batteries inclusive) and/or long run length will demand even larger gauge wiring.

Please refer to the wire ampacities table (link below) for minimums. We suggest the 60˚C column for ampacity ratings which allows for anticipated heat loss and inefficiencies:  Wire Ampacities


What kind of outlet should I have to plug in my JuiceBox?

The JuiceBox plugs in via NEMA 14-50 plug so, you should have your electrician install a NEMA 14-50 outlet. If you are installing outdoors, please be sure to use an outdoor rated receptacle like this one: 14-50 Rainproof Outlet


How do I mount my JuiceBox?

A mounting bracket will be included with your JuiceBox. Simply use the supplied wood screws to screw the mount into your wall surface. Once the bracket is mounted, you can slide the JuiceBox in and out easily; allowing you to use it at home and also detach it easily to take it with you. You can find extra wall mounting brackets in our webstore if needed.  We also have locking brackets for the previous JuiceBox generation available.  Contact support at [email protected] for more information.


How can I store my charge cable and J1772 plug when not in use?

A plug holder and cable manager will be included with your JuiceBox. Simply use the supplied screws (or your own) to fasten it to your wall surface. Plug your connector in when not charging, and drape your cable around the top like a garden hose. You can purchase a plug holder in our store if needed: J1772 Holder & Cable Manager.



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