JuiceBox Charging Schedule

Dave Wood -

How do I set a charging schedule on a JuiceBox Lite ?

Unfortunately, this is not a feature of a non Wifi-Enabled JuiceBox Lite. Most EVs have the ability to set basic charge schedules from the vehicle.

How do I set a charging schedule via WiFi on my JuiceBox Pro or Pro Plus?

Once your JuiceBox is associated with your WiFi network, and you have added the JuiceBox to your app or Dashboard, simply navigate to the "Schedule" feature in your app menu (swipe in from right side) or in the Details, Settings page on the Dashboard.  You can set a start and end time for weekdays, and a separate one for weekends.

I have set a charging schedule on my JuiceBox, but the unit is not obeying my set schedule?

Please ensure that your vehicle does not have a charge schedule in place - the JuiceBox cannot communicate a schedule to the car (or vice versa) and the two will cause conflicts.

 Check that your selected timezone is correct.

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