Pairing Alexa




  • Arie Pekar

    Skill not available in Canada for some reason.

  • Kris Kluzak

    Hi Arie,

    We are currently working to make both Germany and Canada available.  We should have it available in about 4-6 weeks. 

    Thanks for your patience and support.


  • Arie Pekar

    Hi Kris; do you have an update to this?  I would actually like to control the Juicebox with Google Home (in Canada) but Google is only giving me a general status - i am unable to give the command "start charging" as its not an available option for Google Home and Amazon Alexa skill is not available in Canada. 

  • Mary Demarest-Paraan

    If Alexa's response to "Alexa, ask JuiceBox how much range do I have" is "It looks like you haven't set the mileage parameters on the eMotorWerks dashboard. Please set those up first!" then you will need to set the Wh per mile in Settings > Savings parameters on

    This parameter is using your average watt hours per mile (in Settings > Savings Parameters) which was not set for this unit. I manually set 300 wh - which is the average. You may adjust it in settings according to your personal usage.

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