JuiceBox Classic Non-Networked




  • Gary Yocum

    This article is titled “JuiceBox Classic Non-Networked” but at one point says “You are now ready to pair your WiFi or charge your car”. Am I missing something here? Don’t you need the networked model to pair to WiFi?

  • Kris Kluzak


    You would be correct, great catch!  When taking older unit info and trying to clean it up for posts, some lines were missed.


    Thanks, have a great weekend-Kris

  • Raymond Reichart

    Is there a way to upgrade the classic to have wifi capabilities?

  • Kris Kluzak

    Hi Raymond,

    There is no way to upgrade the Classic JuiceBox to a WiFi connected JuiceBox.  The circuit board is completely different, as well as the addition of the antenna which would be needed.  You can contact us at support@emotorwerks.com or thru our website at emotorwerks.com/contact and depending on the age of your JuiceBox we may be able to work with you.

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