JuiceBox Error Code Indicators

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JuiceBox Error codes
(boxes built between~August 28th, 2015 and February 1st, 2017)

See below chart for JuiceNet devices built after Feb 1st, 2017--tones will be the same

Constant Buzzer Tone (no interruption) (hear it)
GMI Fail, no ground!
Check that your circuit ground connection is established. On 240v single split-phase AC power (US standard), you should find approximately 120V between each line and the ground terminal of your outlet. When using a 120V (or 240V Line-to-Neutral, single phase) supply, the Line and Neutral connections may be reversed in the adapter or outlet. If you continue having problems with this error and your wiring is correct, contact support.

1-second repeating beep tone (hear it)
GFI Self-Test fail at startup

Indicates possible failure of GFI circuitry. ​If this error persists after unplugging and rebooting the JuiceBox, or occurs intermittently, contact support.

2 beep tones (hear it)
Relay stuck closed
Indicates unintended closure of relay in non-charging state.​ Occurrence of this error state indicates unintended closure of the JuiceBox’s relay when the unit is not charging a vehicle. Unplug unit from wall outlet to prevent unsafe charger state. If JuiceBox continues to signal this error, contact support.
(See "5 beep tones, relay stuck open" below for possible issue with 2016 Volt)

3 beep tones (hear it)
GFI Trip (1st through 3rd resets in 15 minutes; 4th halts until unplugged from car)
This error code happens after a GFI trip event. The unit will remain inoperable for 15 minutes, during which time the unit will continue to produce the 3 buzz error tone every
__15__seconds. After 4 GFI trip events, the unit will continue to produce the 3 buzz tones every __3__ seconds. This will prompt the user to unplug from their car in order to reset the GFI trip count to 0.​

note: If you have a JuiceBox built between September 2015 and February 2016, and have the above 3 beep tones that do not clear, we can send out a Ferrite core which will smooth and lessen any excessive line noise.  This is a small 2 wire component that attaches to the board via terminal block and can be done by simply unplugging the JuiceBox, removing the cover, and attaching the ferrite core to the small block on the board.  It takes about 5-10 minutes.  If this is the case, please email us directly at support@emotorwerks.com. Units after February 2016 should have this issue resolved, and the GFI trip is likely either caused by a wiring problem in the car or J1772 charging handle, or by significant line noise.  In you have this issue and need to confirm, please contact us for further instructions.

4 beep tones (hear it)

JuiceBox Overheating
JuiceBox is too hot (over 80C internally). Move JuiceBox to a cooler area, out of direct sunlight, or remove heating sources from area. JuiceBox will automatically resume when it cools off.

5 beep tones
Relay stuck open
The relay should have closed for charging, but did not close. Relay may be stuck. The ground conductor on the circuit may also be causing this error.  Please check your ground wire in both the panel, and at the device termination (hard-wired or outlet plugged into) to make sure all connections are tight.  

If error persists after unplugging and rebooting the JuiceBox, and your car will not charge, please contact support.

Note: On units produced prior to June 2016, this 5-beep error is a "shutdown" error and requires rebooting the JuiceBox. 

6 beep tones
Internal error
Self-test failed. Power-cycle JuiceBox. If this error persists or occurs frequently, contact support.

Short, repeating tone (bip, bip, bip, bip, bip, bip, bip...)
Diode check error
This indicates a problem with the J1772 signal, so the JuiceBox is not allowing a charge. Usually, this is a problem with the car or handle interfering with the J1772 pilot signal. If you power-cycle the JuiceBox and end up with the 6-beep error (above), contact support.


Old Beep codes (preceded by "Tii-duu" dual tone)
(Boxes built prior to ~September 2015)

In the event of a system error, the JuiceBox unit will produce an audible sequence of tones to indicate its error state. Buzzer tone sequences for error states are listed below. The sequence is a "Tii-duu" (High-Low) dual tone (intended to mean "Uh-oh!"), followed by a number of "Tii" (high) beeps to indicate which error is signalled. The tone pattern typically repeats so you can identify it.

High-Low; High ("1" beep)

Ground Monitor Interrupt

  • Occurrence of this error state indicates that the unit is not connected to an earth grounded outlet. Please unplug unit and ensure outlet intended for use is earth grounded before attempting to use JuiceBox.

High-Low; High High (2 beep)

Ground Fault Interrupt Startup Self-Test Failure

  • Occurrence of this error state indicates a failure of the ground fault interrupt system self-test during unit power on. Unplug unit from wall outlet to prevent unsafe charger state.

High-Low; High High High (3 beep)

Stuck Relay Event

  • Occurrence of this error state indicates unintended closure of the JuiceBox’s relay when the unit is not charging a vehicle. Unplug unit from wall outlet to prevent unsafe charger state.

High-Low; High High High High (4 beep)

Ground Fault Interrupt: 4th Fault Error (no beep for first 3 trips with 15-minute auto-reset)

  • After a Ground Fault event the JuiceBox will enter an inoperable state for 15 minutes for safety. After 15 minutes, the unit will enter an operational state. If the ground fault is still present, the unit will repeat the 15 minute waiting period. The JuiceBox will repeat this 15 minute waiting process 4 times in total, after which the unit will become inoperable until it is hard reset via power cycling.


JuiceNet Devices built post Feb 1st, 2017 chart


Error Type

No. of Beeps (in Guide)

Additional Details sent to Server

Ground Lost (Reconnect ground)

0 (Continuous)

Ground Lost

JuiceBox System Fail. (Contact support)

1 Long

GFI Self Test Fail / PilotGen(+/-12V) Fail /

Relay Stuck Open

Relay Stuck Closed (Disconnect immediately. Contact support)


Relay Stuck Closed

GFI Trip (Check your connection)


GFI Trip




Car not obeying J1772 (Or plugged into something that’s not an EV).


Diode Check Fail \
Car requesting Vent \
Pilot Shorted


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    John Matranga

    I have 6 fast beeps with a
    Juice Box 40Pro
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    FW 7
    Mfg June 2015

    What is my course of action?

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