If eMotorWerks Server Is Down




  • Thad Anders

    I guess it must be resolved now, because my JuiceBox is online.

  • Patti Cole

    My JB pro has been offline for 4 days and counting. Is there a solution?

  • Tarun Bhatia

    Is the server still down?

  • Kris Kluzak

    Thanks for checking on our support page for this.  We currently have 3 engineers workign on it and hope to have it resolved within the next few hours.

    Thanks for your patience!

  • Thad Anders

    Thanks for posting this.  I thought the problem might be on my side.

    Any idea when the problem may be resolved or can I get notified when it is?

  • Kris Kluzak

    The servers came back up just before midnight, so yes, existing units should have reconnected automatically.  New units may still be having issues, but we are working on that and it should be resolved within the next few hours if not already.

  • Steven Schluter

    No luck setting my new one up yet. 

  • Steven Schluter

    My new unit still won't connect. Tried it a few times today, with no luck.

  • Kris Kluzak

    Hi Steven, Where are you getting in the process?  The first step is to connect it to your home network which you should be able to do regardless of our servers.    

    You can email me directly at kris@emotorwerks.com and I can help you thru the steps. if you need help to get it connected to your home server.

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